New Sherlock Holmes Books - September to December

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It's a fantastic time to be a Sherlock Holmes fan with so many new books coming out this autumn. At MX, we have over twenty new titles coming from new and established authors. 

New author Caiden Cooper Myles's first Holmes collection has had great reviews including Publishers Weekly saying "Myles combines fresh plots with convincing recreations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s style and characterizations in this sturdy debut collection of seven Holmes short stories". A debut also for Dominique Gracia with a series linked to Holmes. James Heatherly brings the first in the eagerly awaited Sinister House series which will carry the Conan Doyle seal.

MX regulars Dan Victor, Ian Jarvis (Bernie Quist Book 5), Paul Gilbert, Chris Chan, Richard Ryan, Margaret Walsh, Dan Andriacco (McCabe and Cody Book 12), Matthew Simmonds, and Orlando Pearson all have new Holmes novels out.

Susan Knight has a new traditional short story collection as does Tom Turley and Janina Arndt has book two in the Sprial Mind series. 

Allan Mitchell delivers another stunning Holmes book completely in verse - and finally Dan Victor sneaks in a non-Holmes book, a romance set in the 1970s teacher's strikes.

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(and our calendars arrive in October - 2024 Page A Day Calendar)


3rd Sept - Nessie's Nemesis (Sherlock's Secretary Book 2) - Chris Chan

19th Sept - Sherlock Holmes: The Tales of Darkness - Paul D. Gilbert

20th Sept - The Rumba Of The Beast (Bernie Quist Book 5) - Ian Jarvis

23rd Sept - Sherlock Holmes and A Tale of Greed - Daniel D Victor

28th Sept - The Medical Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson - Nick Howlett

15th Oct - A Study In Statecraft - Orlando Pearson

17th Oct - Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Disciples - Richard T. Ryan

19th Oct - The Meinir Davies Casebook - Dominique Gracia

23rd Oct - Sherlock Holmes: The Coronet Conspiracy - James Heatherly

26th Oct - The Further Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Caiden Cooper Myles

30th Oct - The Coriolis Effect (Spiral Mind Trilogy Book 2) - Janina Arndt

1st Nov - Sherlock Holmes and The Hellfire Heirs - Margaret Walsh

7th Nov - The Saga Of Sherlock Holmes - Allan Mitchell

14th Nov - The Strange Case of the Pale Boy, and other mysteries - Susan Knight

16th Nov - Cruel September (non-Holmes novel) - Daniel Victor

21st Nov - Watson's Wives and Other Tales of Sherlock Holmes - Tom Turley

23rd Nov - The Woman In Red (McCabe and Cody Book 12) - Dan Andriacco

28th Nov - Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Found Note - Matthew Simmonds 


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