The Coriolis Effect

The Coriolis Effect

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Everyone is a character in somebody's story, but not everyone finds out they are. Things get complicated when Sherlock Holmes can't prove he's real. We thought we lived in 21st-century London, but when everything around us turned into that Victorian cesspool on the pages of the Strand Magazine, it was clear the evil genius was not Moriarty. It was a doctor with a silly moustache.

There are two solutions to the mystery of finding yourself in a story from over a hundred years ago. Solution 1: you have been fooled by a clever fake. That would not happen to Sherlock Holmes, who has for once himself consulted experts on the matter without revealing his own identity to them. Solution 2: the stories are genuine and it turns out you are just a fictional character who finds himself in the wrong time period. By mistake, by adaptation, by magic? All impossible gobbledygook, in Watson’s opinion – did I say, Watson? I meant John. Of course, we’re in the 21st century, after all. Or are we? Sherlock and John are not so sure when suddenly, A Case of Identity happens in front of them, including the ridiculous Victorian clothes described in it. The only person at 221B who can’t find themselves in the stories is amnesiac Scarlett Vendalle, whose forgotten criminal past and love for John resurface as she finds out why she is seeing visions of Anne Boleyn...

Author: Janina Arndt

ISBN: 9781804242674

Pages: 220

The Spiral Mind Trilogy - Book 2

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