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There are few Holmes writers that are as immersed in the life of Dr.Watson than Molly Carr. A fan for most of her life she even has a distinction in Watsonian studies. Her writing career started with the first two adventures in the "Female Sherlock Holmes" series which sees Mrs.Watson and her side-kick Emily Fanshaw take centre stage running a detective agency of their own. 'The Sign of Fear' was extremely well received amongst Sherlockians and the followup 'A Study In Crimson' had the fans chuckling again at the ladies exploits. A brief interlude in the Watson and Fanshaw series...

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[caption id="attachment_441" align="alignright" width="98" caption="Shadowfall"][/caption] A history professor at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Tracy Revels has been a Sherlock Holmes fan since 5th grade.  She teaches a class on Sherlock Holmes called “The Game’s Afoot!” along with more conventional courses in Civil War and women’s history.  Shadowfall is her first novel and already a bestseller amongst Holmes fans since its launch last month. What was the main inspiration for the book? I’ve loved the Sherlock Holmes canon since I was a child.  I also enjoy dark, spooky, supernatural fiction.  As a historian, I naturally read a lot of...

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