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First published in 1908, Wheels of Anarchy - The Story of An Assassin was written by Max Pemberton, a friend of Arthur Conan Doyle, from notes of another friend Bertram Fletcher Robinson. Fans of James Bond should take a look at this fascinating novel which makes Bond seem a little tame. Considering it was written at the turn of the last century, the subject of international terrorism is surprisingly modern. A recent review of the reprint is published in this month's District Messenger. "Robinson or Pemberton may have discussed the story with their friend Conan Doyle, but the narrator, Bruce...

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I have to admit to being a late convert in life to the game of Rugby - well into my thirties. Coming from a football family I didn't realise the huge gulf between the preening primadonnas and big money of the modern game of football, and the more gentleman's game of rugby football. Every game I watch reinforces that it's all about the game - not the hype around it. It has been a delight to publish the re-release of 'Rugby Football in the Nineteenth Century' originally published by the Isthmian Library back in the late 1800s when Rugby split...

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