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"The characters are interesting and the story is written to be continued.  Another book is planned and if it is good as the first, I’m sure it will lead to a popular series." Philip K Jones (aka The Ill Dressed Vagabond) reviews the debut novel from Felicia Carparelli - Murder In The Library. The book has recently been picked up for translation and will come out in Italian in early 2012. Here is Phil's review: "This book is a Sherlockian mystery only by courtesy.  The characters are knowledgeable about the Canon and there are Sherlockian echoes in the clues and...

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Felicia Carparelli is a widely acclaimed Chicago based writer with pieces published in Nit and Wit, Rockford Review, Mediphors, Cybergrrl, Feminsta!, Red Booth Review, Chicago Sun Times, Library Journal, American Libraries and others. We caught up with Felicia ahead of the publication of 'Murder In The Library' this month to find out more about her and the book. What prompted you to base your thriller in a library? My first real job was as a library page when I was 14 years old at the Evergreen Park Public Library.  I worked as a library assistant when I attended the University...

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