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The Croydon Guardian reports that a book about the time Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spent in Norwood has scooped the top literary prize in the UK for Sherlock Holmes. "The Norwood Author picked up the Tony and Freda Howlett Literary Award 2011. The book explores Sir Arthur’s life between 1891 and 1894 when he lived in Norwood and wrote many of his most important Sherlock Holmes works, including the first two series of short stories. It is written by leading Holmes historian Alistair Duncan, who also lives in south Norwood and has written many previous books on the author of...

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Charlotte Walters is on Day 24 of her quest to review the 56 Sherlock Holmes stories in 56 days (to celebrate the launch of her novel Barefoot on Baker Street) - and today its The Norwood Builder. Hats off to Charlotte who is juggling a full time demanding job, kids, commuting and trying to re-read a Holmes story - and review it - every day. We too love this story and Charlotte gives it a rare 9 out of 10. We also like it as one of our authors, Alistair Duncan, won the 2011 Howlett Award (Sherlock Holmes book of...

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Alistair Duncan's new book 'The Norwood Author - Arthur Conan Doyle and the Norwood Years (1891 - 1894)' has received its first major review - 4 stars and a glowing report from The Bookbag. The book covers a critical stage in Conan Doyle's life - and one that has been rarely covered by other historians. "This book does an excellent job in detailing his activities as a resident of Norwood. There is a comprehensive choice of illustrations, both old and new, and appendices on relevant articles about him in the 'Norwood News' as well as his cricket performances. Also included...

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