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“The literary archaeologists at Madame Eulalie have unearthed yet another rare Wodehouse tidbit from the distant past – a set of four playlets of political satire in pantomime form, jointly credited to Sir Plum and one Bertram Fletcher Robinson. The first, “A Fiscal Pantomime – The Sleeping Beauty” was published in the London Daily Express on Christmas Day 1903; the next was “Our Christmas Pantomime – Little Red Riding Hood; or, The Virtuous British Public and the Smart Set Wolf” which appeared inVanity Fair on December 8, 1904; “A Winter’s Tale – King Arthur and His Court” from Vanity Fair, December 14, 1905, and finally “The Progressives Progress – Some...

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In 2011 we finally have the irrefutable evidence behind the success of the Sherlock Holmes character and it was unveiled by Devon author and Holmes investigator, Paul R Spiring. In a local newspaper articles from the Herald Express and Western Morning News and in a BBC Wales radio interview Paul revealed how he came across the letters that prove that Arthur Conan Doyle had more than a little help with the key story that launched Holmes worldwide. Winding the clock back to the early 20th century and Arthur Conan Doyle had killed Holmes off and while the character had achieved...

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I have to admit to being a late convert in life to the game of Rugby - well into my thirties. Coming from a football family I didn't realise the huge gulf between the preening primadonnas and big money of the modern game of football, and the more gentleman's game of rugby football. Every game I watch reinforces that it's all about the game - not the hype around it. It has been a delight to publish the re-release of 'Rugby Football in the Nineteenth Century' originally published by the Isthmian Library back in the late 1800s when Rugby split...

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