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"I first encountered Matthew Elliott as a fellow-contributor to Sherlock magazine, whose last issue appeared in 2006, the year in which Mark Gatiss told the Society of the mad idea he and Steven Moffat had for an updated Sherlock Holmes. Matthew has since established himself as a scriptwriter and occasional actor, and as the deviser and presenter of our annual Film Evening. There’s no one better qualified to provide a survey of Sherlock – which he does in The Immortals: An Unauthorised Guide to Sherlock and Elementary. Cumberbatch or Miller? They’re both fine actors, equally superb in Danny Boyle’s production of Frankenstein, and Matthew Elliott’s guide is throughout...

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This week sees the launch of a must have book for all BBC Sherlock and Elementary fans. ‘The Immortals’ is a comprehensive episode by episode review of the two series by Holmes expert Matthew Elliott. His unique approach tackles each episode and links back elements to the original stories, reviews plotlines, characters and good and bad points. Matthew Elliott is one of the leading Holmes experts in the UK – regularly publishing articles and speaking at major Holmes events. In fact, he was the host for the 7th November Sherlock Holmes Society of London film evening. So whether you are a fan of...

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Last week saw the launch of Eddy Webb’s detailed and brutally honest review of the Sherlock Holmes stories ‘Watson Is Not An Idiot’. Critics have called it a brilliant introduction to the original stories. An early review says: “I am in love with this book. As a Sherlock fan, I didn’t think I would be able to learn more about Doyle’s work. Boy, was I mistaken.Eddy brings you to Doyle’s world and explains the common misconceptions of certain key phrases, Sherlock, and of course, Watson (who is not an idiot).” This week’s new title is very special. ‘Sherlock Holmes and a Quantity of...

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