The Saga of Sherlock Holmes

The Saga of Sherlock Holmes

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About This Book:

Many have been the retellings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s intriguing accounts of the greatest of all sleuths, the world’s first and, in his day, only consulting detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, but occasionally there comes along a new rendering of the man’s adventures and his moments of insightful brilliance.

The Saga of Sherlock Holmes is one such a retelling, though so different in its format that of the great ACD (and his, then, and still very-much-alive, creation) might well have been momentarily taken aback. This re-teller, Allan Mitchell, with his habit of rendering thoughts into verse, has taken the Holmesian Canon tales and retold each in a series of rhythmical rhyming stories.

Less a poetic snippet than a succinct mini-saga, each retold story takes the reader romping through the convolutions of Doyle’s literary creation in such a way that each can be enjoyed (somewhat in brief, but also while remaining faithful to the original) for its ability to stir the memory of those exploits, often long neglected by the reader but forever enjoyed.

Author: Allan Mitchell

Pages: 160

Format: 244x170mm

ISBN: 9781804243046

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