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Undershaw was the Surrey home of Arthur Conan Doyle between 1897-1907. Built lovingly for his wife Touie to help treat her ongoing battle with tuberculosis, Arthur created a haven for his wife and family. It was here he wrote The Hound of The Baskervilles, brought Sherlock Holmes back to life in “The Empty House”, and entertained guests such as writer J.M. Barrie, illustrator Sidney Paget, renowned actor William Gillette, and more. Welcome to Undershaw explores the early life of Arthur Conan Doyle through to his departure from Undershaw. You will see he was a more than just the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur...

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“THE MX BOOK OF NEW SHERLOCK HOLMES STORIES, edited by David Marcum (London: MX Publishing, 2015), is an anthology of straight-forward pastiches, carefully selected from what Marcum calls the “Great Watsonian Oversoul.” Marcum believes that “there never can be enough good Holmes stories, relating the activities of the true, correct, and traditional Holmes,” and he offers more than sixty stories, almost all previously unpublished, by authors who are old hands at writing pastiches or newcomers to the genre. The stories (and occasional poems and scripts) are nicely done indeed, and the collection consists of three volumes (439/416/418 pp.) Recommended. MX’s web-sites are at <www.mxpublishing.com> and...

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When his last book won the 2011 Howlett Award (Shelock Holmes Book of The Year) it was always going to be tough for Alistair Duncan to meet expectations with his next one. Thankfully he does that, and more, in arguably one of the best books ever written on Conan Doyle. An Entirely New Country went down so well with co-creator of BBC's Sherlock, Mark Gatiss that he agreed to provide the foreword.The Sherlock Holmes Society of London has now reviewed the book in their latest newsletter and they agree to the importance of the book. Holmes fans have fed back...

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Within a few moments of talking to Alistair Duncan his passion for Arthur Conan Doyle's work shows. He is working hard on his fourth book 'An Entirely New Country' due out in a few months time which covers Conan Doyle's time at Undershaw, probably his most famous home. The future of Undershaw is uncertain with the Undershaw preservation Trust (of whom Duncan is a strong supporter) fighting to preserve the house in Doyle's memory. We dragged Alistair away from his research to ask him a few questions about the new book, and a few about his previous three books which...

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