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Father Christmas has brought you a shiny new Kindle, and now it’s time to fill it up – but what with? Here’s our tips for the best Sherlock Holmes books to download: For the Traditionalists – writing in the style of Conan Doyle The Papers of Sherlock Holmes Volume 1 and Volume Two The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes The Secret Journal of Dr.Watson Sherlock Holmes and A Quantity of Debt Mystery at St Andrews Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Edinburgh Haunting For fans of cross-overs with famous characters Rendezvous at The Populaire (Phantom of The Opera) I Will Find The Answer (Jekyll and...

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Performance Strategies for Musicians by David Buswell at the top of the top twenty MX NLP books on Amazon Kindle USA…. #204,543  Performance Strategies for Musicians #497,395  NLP for Teachers (Engaging NLP) #517,686  Inside Out - Personal Excellence Through Self Discovey #530,869  NLP for Children (Engaging NLP) #550,630  NLP for Parents #581,569  Going Mental: Reaching your Goals in Business and Sports #618,417  Bridges to Success #642,466  Recover your Energy #666,207  Entrancing Tales for Change with Hypnosis and NLP #676,383  Online Therapy - Reading Between the lines #694,453  Bangers and Mash: How to Take on Throat Cancer #713,150  NLP for Teens...

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