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Throughout the Kickstarter campaign, we will be adding brief interviews highlighting the talented authors who have contributed to the anthology. Today we have the excellent Andrew Bryant. How did you first get introduced to Sherlock Holmes? I was first introduced to Sherlock Holmes through the 1940’s films with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. From there I started reading the novels and stories. I soon had the complete Holmes library. ‘The Hound Of The Baskervilles’ was the first Holmes book that I read, and it remains my favourite today. What was the inspiration for your pastiche? The inspiration for ‘The Blue Lady Of...

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¿Cuál fue la inspiración para tu pastiche “El secreto de la caja de sándalo”? Soy tasadora de arte y antigüedades. Un día, después de estar trabajando en una tasación especialmente difícil, me encontré con muchos de mis libros de arte desperdigados sobre mi escritorio. De entre todos ellos, destacaba uno de arte egipcio con un precioso escarabeo del Imperio Nuevo en la portada.  Pensé: “¿Y si su inscripción fuera la clave de un importante secreto?”. Y, entonces, de alguna manera, la historia surgió por sí misma y me encantó. ¿De qué trata la historia? ¿Cuándo y dónde tiene lugar? La...

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An Interview with Claire Daines Claire Daines has just had her first Sherlock Holmes novel published and I caught up with her recently. I very often find it hard to find the time to write, but you have a young family, now extended by one to care for. How do you find the time? I hold it up at gunpoint! It helps that the three eldest are at school and pre-school five days a week, and I’ve gotten very good at typing one-handed with the baby on my knee. Are you a structured writer, writing at a set time and...

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” Sherlock Holmes seems to be on everyone’s mind lately… including Amy Thomas’. She’s recently released a book entitled The Detective and the Woman, a tale of Holmes’ interactions with Irene Adler. Following my review of her novel, I got to chat with Amy, who provided some brilliant insights into Doyle’s stories. The Sherlock Holmes stories seem to be experiencing a particular boom of popularity lately, with the films and numerous TV series. Why, do you think, is Sherlock Holmes so popular, and why has he endured? Sherlock Holmes has always had a wide fanbase, even during the years when he...

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