The Further Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Paperback

The Further Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Paperback

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"Myles combines fresh plots with convincing recreations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s style and characterizations in this sturdy debut collection of seven Holmes short stories." Publishers Weekly

About This Book:

“My dear Watson. I do not think I am flattering myself when I say that 221B is well-understood in criminal circles.”

Within this volume you will find a collection of previously unpublished accounts by John H. Watson, M.D. that take Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson from London into the home counties and the south coast in the pursuit of villains and justice.

Why is a banker’s daughter threatened with an Indian dagger after a trip to the theatre?

Why does a young woman’s fiancé break their engagement but keep asking after her wellbeing?

Why does a wealthy baronet empty his pockets before fainting at The Royal Opera House?

How does Watson fare when Holmes sends him to assist an investigation in Surrey?

Caiden Cooper Myles is a British writer, who has long been a follower of Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. Like many a devotee of the Great Detective, he has longed to add to Dr. Watson’s accounts.

Author: Caiden Cooper Myles

Pages: 280

ISBN: 9781804242568

Date: 26th October

Also available in hardcover.

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