The Woman In Red (McCabe and Cody Book 12)

The Woman In Red (McCabe and Cody Book 12)

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Murder Among Supervillains

As a professor of popular culture in his day job, amateur sleuth Sebastian McCabe knows a bit about superheroes, supervillains, and the various graphic novel universes. But that's not much help when murder strikes at the Tri-State Comic Book Expo. Potential suspects number in the thousands, including some A-list Hollywood actors as well as comic book professionals and a collector.

It all begins with Erin, Ohio-based artist-writer Parker Williams, creator of the superhero Red Falcon, being accused of plagiarizing the character of his newest supervillain, Queen Bee. Mac and best friend Jeff Cody take a special interest because they know Williams from another case. When accuser Gavin Frost-Pierson and Williams both shows up at the Expo, tensions run high.

Before long, McCabe and Cody are dealing with murder in an elevator and a dying message that leads to a search for the mysterious woman in red-or perhaps not a woman at all-at an event in which many participants are costumed for cosplay. And in this third year of COVID, some individuals are un-costumed participants still wearing masks as well. 

Then again, not all masks are obvious. Who has a murderous heart? And what role does a forged comic book cover play?

When a suspect flees police after the second murder, Police Chief Oscar Hummel is convinced he has the murderer. Sebastian McCabe is certain his old friend is wrong but has a hard time coming up with an alternative theory.

Dan Andriacco

23rd November 2023

ISBN 9781804243251

The 12th Novel in the McCabe and Cody Series

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