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"The essays collected in Watson Is Not an Idiot: An Opinionated Tour of the Sherlock Holmes Canon by Eddy Webb (MX Publishing; were originally posted on Mr Webb’s blog at They are necessarily opinionated, as they must be; they’re also intelligent, incisive and well-written. The nearest equivalent to Watson Is Not an Idiot is probably Martin Dakin’s Sherlock Holmes Commentary, but Mr Webb takes the line throughout that the chronicles of Sherlock Holmes are fiction, written by Arthur Conan Doyle. His book can help us appreciate just what is good in the stories, what isn’t, and why they still appeal when so much contemporary work is forgotten. It...

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Last week saw the launch of Eddy Webb’s detailed and brutally honest review of the Sherlock Holmes stories ‘Watson Is Not An Idiot’. Critics have called it a brilliant introduction to the original stories. An early review says: “I am in love with this book. As a Sherlock fan, I didn’t think I would be able to learn more about Doyle’s work. Boy, was I mistaken.Eddy brings you to Doyle’s world and explains the common misconceptions of certain key phrases, Sherlock, and of course, Watson (who is not an idiot).” This week’s new title is very special. ‘Sherlock Holmes and a Quantity of...

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"According to the author, this book “falls naturally into two parts: the Doctor as written about by Doyle, and an exploration of the concept of the foil before, during and after the first appearance of Watson.” She is, however, doing herself an injustice with this relatively bald statement. Part One covers every aspect of a character that you can imagine, the friends and acquaintances on which Doyle may have drawn – or not, and, if not, why not –for inspiration;  the places and actions and fallacies of same – in a historical context; Watson’s own background and possible ‘origins’, his...

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Philip K Jones is one of the most respected, and meticulous Sherlock Holmes reviewers in the USA. Here he casts a close eye over Watsons Afghan Adventure, the debut Holmes pastiche from Keiran McMullen. "This is the only Sherlockian book I know of by this author.  It is Watson’s own tale of his experiences in Afghanistan.  The narrative is a very realistic exposition of a British Doctor’s life during the Second Afghan War.  I am not sure of the details of the campaigns involved, but the presentation is an accurate and intelligent view of what Watson would have seen and...

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