Cruel September - Paperback

Cruel September - Paperback

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"A compelling novel, rich in themes and populated with characters to whom we can all relate. Setting his work against the background of the Los Angeles teachers' strike in 1970, the author uses that event to point out the bureaucracy that plagues America's educational system without resorting to one dimensional characters or patent conflicts"

Richard T. Ryan, Former teacher and author of The Vatican Cameos


Romance blooms at Phillips Junior High when teacher Art Malamud, the school’s union rep, meets Mandy Sayer, the newest member of the faculty.  As the school year progresses, Art leads his colleagues in the historic Los Angeles teachers’ strike of 1970 and stokes the ire of the principal, Vivian Laws. Though Art has tenure and relative immunity from Laws’s personal attacks, Mandy does not.  As a result, she receives an unfair evaluation of her first year’s work and even harsher criticism at the start of her second.  Mandy’s local grievance leads to a major battle with the school district, and the injustice ends up threatening not only her professional life but her future with Art as well.

Author: Daniel D. Victor

Pages: 302

ISBN: 9781804243183

Date: 16th November 2023 (but available now from this site)

Also available in Casebound Hardcover

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School; education; romance; teachers; labor and management; teachers’ strike; Los Angeles; autocrat; junior high school; Vietnam; anti-war movement; UC Berkeley; teacher-education; 1960’s; labor movement; David Graham Phillips; Olympic Auditorium; Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike 1970; Griffith Park; Free Speech Movement

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