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[caption id="attachment_399" align="alignright" width="97" caption="A Study In Crimson"][/caption] A Study in Crimson is the second adventure of Mrs. Watson and Emily Fanshaw. Already dubbed 'The Female Sherlock Holmes' Molly Carr's character is proving very popular with Holmes fans. Here is the review from the leading Sherlockian Group in Wales - The Deerstalkers of Welshpool. "Molly Carr has produced another book about her two female detectives, mutated from minor characters in the Holmes stories. I think it helps if you have read the first book [The Sign of Fear], as that explains the strange hypothesis that Watson was a fake. The...

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Hats off to Molly Carr whose debut novel 'The Sign Of Fear' is a wonderful book that charts the adventures of Mrs.Watson, the wife of Dr.Watson and her sidekick Emily Fanshaw. With a supporting cast of Sherlock Holmes, Dr.Watson and Moriarty it is a great story and a fresh female approach to the Holmes canon.

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