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Within a few moments of talking to Alistair Duncan his passion for Arthur Conan Doyle's work shows. He is working hard on his fourth book 'An Entirely New Country' due out in a few months time which covers Conan Doyle's time at Undershaw, probably his most famous home. The future of Undershaw is uncertain with the Undershaw preservation Trust (of whom Duncan is a strong supporter) fighting to preserve the house in Doyle's memory. We dragged Alistair away from his research to ask him a few questions about the new book, and a few about his previous three books which...

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Alistair Duncan's new book 'The Norwood Author - Arthur Conan Doyle and the Norwood Years (1891 - 1894)' has received its first major review - 4 stars and a glowing report from The Bookbag. The book covers a critical stage in Conan Doyle's life - and one that has been rarely covered by other historians. "This book does an excellent job in detailing his activities as a resident of Norwood. There is a comprehensive choice of illustrations, both old and new, and appendices on relevant articles about him in the 'Norwood News' as well as his cricket performances. Also included...

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