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Week 41 - All the best in new Sherlock Holmes content...

1. Offers

2. New Books

3. Free Audiobooks 

4. Events

5. Kickstarters



LAST WEEK - Our 20% off the 500+ books on the site continues until Sunday - just use 'friendsofmx' as the discount code. The deadline for delivery pre-xmas orders is 31st October due to pandemic extended shipping times - please try and add a few books to spread delivery costs...


2. NEW BOOKS out this week...

Sherlock Holmes The Man With The Twisted Script 

Imagine you are a caption writer and your editor drops a pile of old Sidney Paget illustrations on your desk and says 'get these ready for printing', you look around for the original captions and they have gone missing, the clock is ticking and the deadline is quickly approaching and since it's the afternoon, you have had a few too many Gin & Tonics. This book might be the result. Irreverent & Stupid in equal measure, but at least it's another chance to see some of Paget's finest images.


Mike Foy has had two serious bestselling reference books this year already (much larger) - The Curious Book of Sherlock Holmes Characters and Sherlock Holmes - A Study in Illustrations - Volume 1 and this time turns his hand to a small fun stocking filler.


There are about thirty new books out in September, October and November making for some excellent holiday reading and gifts - New Sherlock Holmes Books.



Two this week. Please use contact us form quoting THIF-100 and let us know your country - we'll send you the books. If you've already got one of them, please let us know which you would like.

Please note that we would really appreciate ratings and reviews for those books that you enjoy. The free audiobooks program takes a lot of time to administrate and getting the ratings and reviews makes it all worth it. 



Sherlock Holmes and The Egyptian Tomb Mystery (novel)

We are in London in 1890, and the British Museum plans to exhibit the contents, brought specially to London, of a newly excavated Egyptian tomb. The event is disturbed by the murder of a museum watchman. A suspect is quickly found, a young museum assistant, caught red-handed with a bloodstained knife. But things are not so simple; behind this apparently clear case Holmes uncovers, piece by piece, just as did the archaeologists, a complicated story of blackmail, violence, and treachery that at every step threatens him, and Watson, with deadly consequences. See how events ranging from the British Embassy in Cairo to a theatre in East London can baffle and confuse, until Holmes and Watson find the last pieces of the puzzle and must fight for their lives.



Abbey Strange: A Modern Sherlock Holmes Story (short story)

The final story in a series of five adventures which re-work original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into our modern world. The murder of an aged rock star is initially blamed on a gang of burglars, but Holmes senses that his widow is hiding something. What is the formidable music mogul not telling about the night her husband died at their Gothic country home? And how will Watson and Lestrade face up to the life-changing decisions they both decide to make? A re-working of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Abbey Grange

Part of the Charlotte Walters collection.



Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Inescapable Crypt

October 30th, 3pm EST, 8pm UK

Help keep UK independent theatre going under the pandemic...

Nathaniel Hayes, son of circus impresario B.E. Hayes, has succumbed to a perplexing withering ailment. His parents are convinced it was a Voodoo King’s curse to extract payment for a long-ago favour. Anxious their son will now rise as a slave, they seal him in a tomb with no windows or exterior locks, but the next morning the mausoleum’s door is found open and his body is gone. Nathaniel’s desperate fiancée asks for Sherlock Holmes’s help at the insistence of her aunt, Mrs. Cecil Forrester, while Hayes' parents seek assistance from a family friend, the renowned spiritual debunker and escapologist Sheridan Nightlinger.


Playing The Game - Sherlock Holmes Author Panels - Sunday October 31st 

Two panels - six authors on each.

3pm EST / 8pm UK  - Panel 1 (free Zoom tickets here)

5pm EST / 10pm UK - Panel 2 (free Zoom tickets here)

Join us for a fan Q&A with a panel of Sherlock Holmes authors.

Free audiobooks for all attendees + one fan will win $100 of Sherlock Holmes books of their choice from this site!



Kickstarter is a great way to support projects you like and get a great bargain - usually many months ahead of publication. Big discounts and even signed first editions.

The Keys of Death - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Out of the fog three young souls unite in their common desire for justice. A genesis story about friendship with the power to change the world. Here, finally, Mrs. Hudson’s part in it can be told.

From the Foreword by Mattias Boström: "In the beginning, there was one Sherlock Holmes. That genesis was, however, just a short glimpse in time, and for ninety-seven percent of his existence in literature, there have been two of them: Original Holmes and Parallel Holmes."

From our friends at Belanger Books a new anthology....

Sherlock Holmes: A Year of Mystery 1881 & 1882 - Every volume in this new anthology series details a year in the life of Sherlock Holmes. Each month gets its own story.

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