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Charlie Milverton and other Sherlock Holmes Stories

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"The style of the writing is fast-paced and very plot driven. Readers won’t find themselves getting bored. The prominence of Lestrade’s character is unexpected but certainly welcome and enjoyably executed." Baker Street Babes

A collection of five present-day Sherlock Holmes stories that poke gentle fun at the idiosyncrasies of modern life – not to mention the eccentric detective and his world-weary friend who are at the heart of the action. Stuck in a dysfunctional marriage and the job from hell, aspiring writer Doctor John H Watson battles against the angst of a midlife crisis whilst being drawn further into the individual world of his friend - the irascible, difficult but brilliant consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Each story is based directly on an adventure from the original work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but updated with a modern-day twist. Instead of the foggy cobbled streets and hansom cabs of Victorian London, we get over-paid footballers, pop-stars, a glamour model, the tabloid press and social media. But friendship and Holmes’ unique science of deduction remain central to each story.

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Author: Charlotte Anne Walters
ISBN: 9781780925776
Page count: 148 

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