The MX Audio Collection Launches With Lee Child Interview

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We've had an incredible response to our new app, so we're extending our launch offer until end of December.

MX Publishing is the world's largest Sherlock Holmes book publisher, with over five hundred books and a hundred authors writing new Holmes stories and content.  

The audio collection brings together fascinating author interviews, theatre performances and Sherlock Holmes fiction and non-fiction, and deduction tips from experts like Ben Cardall, with new content being added every month.

We're launching with a bang with a brand new and exclusive interview 'Reacher and Sherlock' with NY Times bestselling author Lee Child where we discuss the links between Holmes and Reacher and the new series 'Reacher' coming to Amazon in February.

The MX Publishing Audio Collection is avialable on Soundwise. For the launch until the end of this weekend, 19th December there is a 20% lifetime discount on the monthly subscription with the code 'launch'.

This collection includes selected short stories from the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories which has dozens of volumes and hundreds of stories and we'll be adding new stories every month too - we're launching with six.

MX Publishing is a social enterprise and percentage of the proceeds from this app will be donated to Undershaw, a school for children with learning disabilities. Undershaw was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's former home where he wrote many of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The collection has raised over $90,000 for the school to date.

A great thanks to the authors from the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories for donating their stories to the app and the series editor David Marcum who has edited over 700 stories for the collection so far and came up with the idea for the series.


Included at launch:

1. The Sherlockian Interview 

Reacher And Sherlock with Lee Child

Wiggins: Son of Sherlock with Dorothy Palmer

Sherlock Holmes Author Panel 1 - with Alistair Duncan, Richard Ryan, Martin Daley, Orlando Pearson, Susan Knight and Tom Turley.

2. Sherlockian Theatre

Sherlock Holmes Studies In Scarlet - with Jonathan Goodwin

A Case of Identify - with Jonathan Goodwin

3. The Deductionist 

Mind Palace Methods - with Ben Cardall

4. Sherlock Holmes Stories

The Adventure of The Aspen Papers - Daniel Victor

The Adventure of The Fateful Malady - Craig Janacek

The Adventure of The Christmas Stocking - Paul D Gilbert

The Adventure of The Missing Necklace - Daniel Victor

Larcey In The Sky With Diamonds - Robert V Stapleton

The Onion Vendor's Secret - Marcia Wilson

(narrators include J.T. McDaniel, Luke Barton and Mike Langan)


Confirmed for 2022

More Sherlock Holmes Stories (at least 48)

Sherlock Holmes Interviews - 'Mr Holmes' Jeffrey Hatcher, Bonnie MacBird, 'I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere' Scott Monty and Burt Wolder and more

Sherlock Holmes Theatre Performances

Deduction Techniques from 'The Deductionist' Ben Cardall

and more...


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