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"Another Great Adventure with McCabe and Cody.

One might think that the days of the Great Detectives were quite a while ago. Holmes was the first, going into practice in the 1870’s, and serving as a fixture until his “retirement” in 1903, which was really just a way for him to devote his attentions elsewhere as the Great War loomed on the horizon. After he left active practice, the void was filled by others, like Solar Pons, Hercule Poirot, Ellery Queen, and Nero Wolfe.

One might think that as these greats aged and retired, that era was over, but Dan Andriacco has revealed that there is still a great detective out there, Sebastian McCabe, along with his associate, Jeff Cody.

McCabe fancies himself a modern Holmes, but there’s a great deal of Wolfe and Archie Goodwin about these two, and this was never more obvious than in the current volume, “Too Many Clues”. This title is an homage to Wolfe, who had cases like “Too Many Cooks”, “Too Many Women”, “Too Many Clients”, and “Too Many Detectives”.  And like Wolfe and the other Great Detectives who seem to encourage murder by their mere presence, violent death is always just around the corner in Erin, Ohio, that fully realized location where these stories are set.

Dan Andriacco’s McCabe and Cody adventures are classic Golden Age mysteries, set now. Andriacco has created a fully realized location in Erin, populated with wonderfully real people. I urge anyone who hasn’t yet found these adventures to start at the beginning and read them straight through. They build on each other in a wonderful way, and you’ll be glad that you did!"

David Marcum

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