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Week 34 - All the best in new Sherlock Holmes content...

1. Offers

2. New Books

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4. Events

5. Kickstarters



Just $5 is back - get the first book in the Lady Beatrice series.

A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries 1897

Sherlock Holmes thrives on danger. Sudden knife attacks, being stalked, and facing a network of assassins present little more than a cheery break in the monotony. But the enigmatic Lady Beatrice presents danger of a different kind. Is she a murderer or a potential victim? Or something even more perilous? Uncovering her secrets could change Holmes’s life forever, and in ways even he cannot anticipate. The newly-discovered Holmes diaries shed light on a tale so potent, Watson was never permitted to reveal it.

Book Review

“This is the most “authentic-feeling” work I have read. Doyle himself would be pleased with this. Every detail reeks of authenticity. It was difficult to put this down, and I’m sorry I’m finished!” – Charlie Deckard

Automatically applied when you add this book to basket this week....


2. NEW BOOKS out this week...

Sherlock Holmes and The Eye of Heka


“Marcum could be today's greatest Sherlockian writer, and Conan Doyle himself would be proud of this story.”

Lee Child - New York Times Bestselling Author

“David Marcum is the reigning monarch of all things Sherlockian, and his latest long-form work, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE EYE OF HEKA, showcases his utter mastery of Watson’s narrative voice, while at the same time entertains and enthralls with his spot on descriptions of the characters and themes which animate the world of the Great Detective himself. No mere pastiche, THE EYE OF HEKA is a robust and creative novel in its own right, not to be missed!”

John Lescroart - New York Times Bestselling Author


B is for Baker Street (ABC Book and Coloring Book)

While most of us discover Sherlock Holmes in our teens there are those fortunate few who encounter the Great Detective even earlier and those benighted souls who discover him later.

I wrote this book because I wanted to share my love of Holmes and Watson with my grandchildren. I hope that you have that special youngster in your life, son daughter, nephew, grandchild, with whom you can share this book. I also hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.



Please use contact us form quoting THIF-93 and let us know your country - we'll send you both books.

Please note that we would really appreciate ratings and reviews for those books that you enjoy. The free audiobooks program takes a lot of time to administrate and getting the ratings and reviews makes it all worth it. 

Please check you don't already have the book you are asking for as the code will not work otherwise.


Benedict Cumberbatch, In Transition: A Performance Biography

This performance biography is an analysis of a man in transition from working actor to multimedia star, as well as the balance between actor and celebrity. It looks at what makes this actor so well suited to play one of popular culture's iconic characters, Sherlock Holmes, and how Sherlock is so well suited to propel Cumberbatch toward greater global fame.


Diamond Jubilee: Sherlock Holmes, Mark Twain, and the Peril of the Empire 

It is June, 1897, the eve of the greatest celebration in the history of London—the Diamond Jubilee of Her Royal Highness Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India. At 221B Baker Street, happy anticipation of the event is shattered when an alarmed Samuel Clemens bursts in and informs Holmes and Watson that his life is threatened by a bizarre international conspiracy. Holmes, Watson, and Clemens spend the frantic final days before the Jubilee discovering that the conspiracy is much worse than Clemens imagined. The very fate of the Empire is at stake. Replete with the trademark Holmesian insights and London underworld adventuring, Diamond Jubilee features a host of London characters, including a brilliant London "crime queen," Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Mycroft Holmes, Scotland Yard's best and worst, the Baker Street Irregulars (themselves infiltrated by unknown sinister elements), and thousands of the most appalling rats.



a) Dorothy Ellen Palmer's book 'Wiggins - Son of Sherlock' is groundbreaking in many ways. It's one of the first Sherlock Holmes pastiches to cast a disabled character as the lead and addresses many subjects not tackled by Victorian literature.

Join Dorothy for a fascinating reading and Q&A - Sunday 12th September 8pm UK, 3pm EST (all attendees get complimentary mystery audiobooks) - (free Zoom tickets here


b) Sherlock Holmes Theatre - Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Amazonian Explorer - performed by Jonathan Goodwin in the style of Jeremy Brett - Saturday 18th September 8pm UK, 3pm EST.


c) Playing The Game - Sherlock Holmes Author Panels - September 25th

Two panels - six authors on each.

3pm EST / 8pm UK  - Panel 1 (free Zoom tickets here)

5pm EST / 10pm UK - Panel 2 (free Zoom tickets here)

Join us for a fan Q&A with a panel of Sherlock Holmes authors.



Kickstarter is a great way to support projects you like and get a great bargain - usually many months ahead of publication.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Volumes XXVIII to XXX - 'More Christmas Adventures' - 57 more stories join the largest Holmes collection in the world.

The Collected Papers of Sherlock Holmes - five matching volumes containing all the works from David Marcum - he's written and edited more Sherlock Holmes stories than anyone else - foreword from Nicholas Meyer.

Sherlock Holmes Advent Calendar - Volume 3 - the first two calendars sold out last year so we expect the new one to go the same way!

LAST FEW HOURS - Beasts of London - Sherlock Holmes, his brother Mycroft, and their associate Mary Morstan are some of the most adept mages in London, safeguarding the peace of the city. Their daily life of solving crimes is interrupted when an ancient threat rises in Dartmoor. 

Dark Arts, Dark Acts - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure - 1940 - The British Foreign Office sends Holmes and Watson on a top-secret mission to Berlin

LAST FEW HOURS - Sherlock's Secretary - When bank robbers steal only some letters written to Sherlock Holmes, something nefarious must be happening...

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