Sherlockian Interview - Martin Daley

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With the upcoming launch of volumes 43-45 of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (currently on Kickstarter), we're talking to the authors involved. Today (10th April) it's Martin Daley.


Tell us a little about yourself – Where you live and your main hobbies

Just over twelve months ago, after a couple of family crises and with one of those pesky zero birthdays on the horizon, my wife and I decided to cash in our chips and change tack a little. I wound up my business and we moved from our home city of Carlisle across the Border to the beautiful Galloway Coast of South West Scotland. Since then, I’ve been living the dream of reading, writing, cycling, wild swimming and playing my guitar. I’ve also been learning to speak French (handy in Scotland) which I’m finding to be fun, rewarding and frustrating in equal measure.

What’s the name of your story in this collection, and what is it about (with no spoilers)?

My story in the latest anthology is entitled, The Lambeth Twin, a murder mystery set against the backdrop of the First World War. Doctor Watson encounters a young lad who he and Holmes knew from their days in Baker Street. Now a soldier, the young man asks for Watson’s help to assist a friend who is suspected of murder. It so happens that Holmes is visiting London from his Sussex retreat a few days later and Watson persuades his former fellow-lodger to investigate the mystery on behalf of their mutual acquaintance.  

What other projects have you recently completed that we can check out?

In November last year, my own anthology The Selected Cases of Doctor Watson was published (MX Publishing). I am currently working on a full-length novel inspired by The Lambeth Twin.

À bientôt!

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