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Sherlock Holmes Society of London

An enthralling and heart-warming book, full of Christmas cheer. This is the fifth in MacBird’s series, which sees our heroes pursuing two cases: an attempted kidnapping and the search for a missing person. While the plotlines are not as lengthy or complex as those of the earlier books, they are well-crafted and enchanting. Alongside the action, the story features lots of well-judged humour and is told with great clarity and affection. Character-wise, the portrayal of both Holmes and Watson felt familiar and reassuring. And it was a neat twist to once again feature Miss Hephzibah O’Malley — otherwise known as ‘Heffie’ — in the story. The intelligent and streetwise seventeen-year-old is proving to be a very capable detective in her own right, and we learn a lot more about her past. I hope that continues in future adventures.

An additional feature of the book, which contributes enormously to its strong festive flavour, is the inclusion of some wonderful line drawings by the talented comic book artist Frank Cho, who has been a long-time fan of Sherlock Holmes and is also a member of the Baker Street Irregulars. That affection comes through loud and clear.

All in all, another worthy addition to a fine adventure series.


What Child Is This? is available from Amazon USA and all good bookstores.

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