Sherlock Book Reviews - The Crystal Palace Murder

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Sherlock Holmes Society of London

An enthralling tale, which begins by unpicking what we thought we knew about the events leading up to, and beyond, Holmes’s encounter with Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls. That our heroes will continue to be challenged by Moriarty’s successors is writ large from the very start of this traditional pastiche. The central part of the plot is concerned with the murder of Joseph Healy, a well-regarded employee of the Crystal Palace in Sydenham, whose body is discovered on a bench within a privet hedge maze. As the action unfolds thick and fast, we get to see Holmes’s deductive capabilities used to full effect.

The book is well researched and full of accurate period detail. Most importantly, the characters in the book are familiar and consistent. A neat touch is the inclusion of both Inspector Gregson and Inspector Lestrade, vying for authority in what the latter erroneously believes to be a trivial matter needing “no cool intellectual deductions”. This is Rieke’s sixth Holmes novel, and a very worthy addition to her booklist.

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