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Sherlock Holmes Society of London

"The Hound of the Baskervilles, adapted and illustrated by Petr Kopl is clever, funny, beautiful and brilliant. It’s the first in Mr Kopl’s Victoria Regina series (A Scandal in Bohemia is the fourth). Don’t be surprised to find the narrative intersecting with the events of Dracula, The Lost World, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and even Rossum’s Universal Robots, as well as other exploits of Holmes and Watson. Look closely at the illustrations and you’ll see all sorts of unexpected details — though you may be too engrossed in the story on first reading.”


the hound graphic novel


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Get ready for a journey to the Baskervilles – the hall shrouded in a fog of sinister mystery, and where the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend Dr. Watson encounter the most terrifying and deceitful of their opponents. Get ready to look directly into the dark soul of crime and let the Gothic atmosphere of one of the best works of the Victorian era carry you away. Can you feel the night fall? Over the countryside? How slowly and quietly the freezing fog opens its cold arms? The birds stop singing. The suffocating silence envelops the neighbourhood. Once again something unnatural and evil walks the house, lurking for unwary souls. Turn on the lights, lock the doors, close the shutters, hide under the bed covers… I’m not saying it will help, but what if?

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