#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023 - Week 1

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Week 1 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2023

Happy New Year! A massive thanks to everyone who posted ratings and reviews for our books in 2022. We're going to continue into 2023 with free audiobooks every week. Posting a rating on Amazon makes a big difference to a book as Amazon starts to promote books once they reach fifty or more ratings.


Two campaigns running;

Holmes and Co - Books 4-6 (from eighteen) - Irene Holmes, Sherlock's daughter, continues the tradition as a detective.

The Collected Endeavours of Sherlock Holmes - An all-new anthology by S.F. Bennett! Plus, her new novella Sherlock Holmes: The Addleton Tragedy!

Free Audiobooks

One brand new titles and four from our catalogue this week including two interesting non-Holmes titles.

Please use the contact us form, quote #THIF 1-2023 and let us know which country you are from. Please only ask for books you don't already have. 


For the first book, which is brand new, we only have 25 US codes due to a temporary fault with the audio platform - so first come, first served for this one...

The Rediscovered Annals of Sherlock Holmes

In the 1980s and 1990s, the late Terry Golledge wrote 10 Holmes masterful pastiches that perfectly captured Dr. Watson's voice, as well as Holmes’ personality and methods. Mr. Golledge passed away in 1996, before these stories could be published.

In early 2022, Terry’s son, Niel Golledge, reached out to Sherlockian editor David Marcum, who was electrified to read such wonderful previously lost tales about the heroes of Baker Street. Now all of these valuable and sublime new additions to the great Holmes tapestry, once unknown except to a very few, are collected in an important new volume and available to the world.

"A Recollection" (Introduction)
I. "The Pihdarus Papers"
II. "The Case of the Woman at Margate"
III. "The Grosvenor Square Furniture Van"
IV. "The Merton Fiends"
V. "The Addleton Tragedy"
VI. "The Crown of Light"
VII. "The Adventure of the Silk Scarf"
VIII. "The Bickstone Lodge Affair (A Novella)"
IX. "The Adventure of the Lonely Soldier"
X. "The Riverfront Affair"


Dr. Anstruther's Practice

Can you prove anything from statistics on death rates? On the train back to London after solving the case of the stockbroker's clerk, Holmes asks some extremely penetrating questions about Dr. Watson's medical practice in Paddington and that of Dr. Anstruther next door. The questioning is inconclusive, but the questions suddenly become relevant when official investigations are launched into death rates in Paddington and Watson is fortunate that Holmes is on hand. The story contains some of Holmes's most brilliant deductions as well as providing a new insight into Dr. Watson's financial situation in the 1890s.


The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes - Volume 2

From the cold-blooded murder of a man well known in London’s Bohemian society to a sinister tradition in an old Tudor manor house, these six cases from the early years of Holmes’ career in the 1880s present a singular collection of mysteries for the world’s first consulting detective to resolve. Who is it that bangs on the front door of Mr Lidington’s isolated cottage in the dead of night? Why does Henry Barton’s job interview proceed in such a surprising and unpredictable way? What is the secret of the man from Chile and his strange, silent wife? Sherlock Holmes must find the answers to these and many other puzzling questions if he is to bring these cases to a successful conclusion. In this new collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories, well known author Denis O. Smith accurately recreates once more both the atmosphere and the excitement of Conan Doyle’s well-loved original Holmes tales.


The Curse of Sherlock Holmes

Somewhere between the fact and fiction Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's greatest creation stole the soul of Jeremy Brett, the actor who would become the embodiment of the Baker Street sleuth. The Curse of Sherlock Holmes follows Jeremy as he fights for his sanity and his life. This is the full script of the play by Dhanil Ali.

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