Sherlock Book Review - Sherlock Holmes and the Crystal Palace Murder

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David Marcum

In “Sherlock Holmes and the Crystal Palace Murder” the fifth novel by Johanna Rieke (of a reported six) to be published by Sherlockian publishing juggernaut MX, we explore Holmes’s Great Hiatus, following his battle with Professor Moriarty – and then what occurred after, when he returned to London.


While there are several places where the translations from German to English are a bit awkward, these can be overlooked when one is lost in the excitement and momentum of the story. There is one more Rieke novel that still hasn’t been translated into English, and I cannot wait for MX Publishing to bring it forth. And then, perhaps, Ms. Rieke might be convinced to write some Holmes short stories.


The Crystal Palace Murder is available from this site with a share going to our #bookstobooks program funding books for Happy Life Mission in Kenya - but also from all good bookstores (links on the book pages).

There is also a very special hardcover edition created especially for The Crystal Palace Foundation with a unique cover.


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