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David Marcum

It’s hard to believe that Paul Gilbert’s first set of pastiches, “The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes”, was published all the way back in 2007. For many of us, when considering all that has happened since, that was a lifetime ago. I was fortunate to find a copy back then in two different editions – the original hardcover, and also a large-print edition. Mr. Gilbert has since gone on to write a number of Holmes short story collections, anthology contributions, and novels – but for many readers, this first collection has remained either elusive or impossible to obtain . . .

. . . until now, with its republication by MX Publishing in a new edition much more easily obtained. Now readers can understand why Mr. Gilbert is one of the leading pasticheurs – writing stories about the true Holmes, set in the correct time period, and presenting Our Heroes as Heroes, and not the broken revisionist simulacrums that have been destroying Mr. Holmes’s reputation in recent years. These stories are the real thing – and they belong in every Sherlockian’s library. I hope that MX will continue to reissue the subsequent Gilbert volumes for new appreciative readers.


The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes is available from this site with a share going to our #bookstobooks program funding books for Happy Life Mission in Kenya - but also from all good bookstores (links on the book pages).

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