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Sherlock Book Review - Dead Ringers

"I first became aware of Robert Perret when reading his Sherlock Holmes short stories that have appeared in numerous Sherlockian anthologies over the last few years. He has a real gift of tapping into Watson’s Tin Dispatch Box and revealing some truly intriguing mysteries.

His new collection, “Dead Ringers”, has eleven mysteries, including some of my favorite Perret tales: “The Gnarled Beeches”, an account of the terrible aftermath of the Canonical “The Copper Beeches”; “The Bogus Laundry Affair”, with a fascinating and terrifying trip beneath London’s streets, and “The Dead Ringer”, a tale of Holmes’s early days in Montague Street, and a different kind of unforgettable terror underneath the ground.

Mr. Perret says that these are eleven of his best, but I know of a number of others just as good. I can’t wait to see them collected as well, and hope that he continues to write many more!"

David Marcum

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