Top 20 Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks for March 2024

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Topping the chart this month is Margaret Walsh's latest novel, Sherlock Holmes and The Case of Neb-Heka-Ra. Terry Golledge's collection 'The Rediscovered Annals of Sherlock Holmes was the bestselling audiobook of 2023 and continues to be very popular. Short story collections dominate the top five with new collections from Caiden Cooper Myles, John Lawrence and Paula Hammond. Great to see a modern adaptation, Murder In The Library make the top ten.

1.   Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of Neb-Heka-Ra – Margaret Walsh and Kevin E Green

2.   The Rediscovered Annals of Sherlock Holmes – Terry Golledge and Michael Langan

3.   The Further Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes – Caiden Cooper Myles and Luke Barton

4.   Further Undiscovered Archives of Sherlock Holmes – John Lawrence and Adam Blanford

5.   Sherlock Holmes – Eliminate the Impossible – Paula Hammond and Michael Langan

6.   The Selected Cases of Doctor Watson – Martin Daley and Kevin E Green

7.   A Study In Statecraft (The Redacted Novels Book 2) – Orlando Pearson and Keith Spilsbury

8.   Sherlock Holmes the Adventure of the Pigtail Twist – M J H Simmonds and Joff Manning

9.   Murder in the Library – Felicia Carparelli and David Bufton

10. Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Case Files – Mark Mower and Steve White

11. Sherlock Holmes Investigates – Susan Knight and Michael Langan

12. Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Heka – David Marcum and Luke Barton

13. The Monographs – Ben Cardall and J.T. McDaniel

14. Imogene and the Case of the Missing Pearls – Elizabeth Varadan and Beverley Matthew

15. Killing Dr. Watson – Matt Ferraz and Andy Barker

16. A Study in Crimson – Molly Carr and Jacqueline de Boer

17. Sherlock Holmes and the Sixty Steps – Séamas Duffy and Michael Langan

18. Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Helmets – Teresa Wimmer and Steve White

19. Sherlock Holmes: The Hero With a Thousand Faces – Volume 2 – David MacGregor and J.T. McDaniel

20. A Scandal in Nova Alba – Stage-play version – Orlando Pearson and Steve White

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