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With the upcoming launch of volumes 43-45 of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (currently on Kickstarter), we're talking to the authors involved. Today (8th April) it's Mark Mower.


Tell us a little about yourself – Where you live and your main hobbies

I live in a very rural area of eastern England, about 18 miles south of the fine city of Norwich. Alongside my writing, I work part-time in a local vineyard. My hobbies include building Holmes-related scenes in Lego and playing heavy rock guitar (not at the same time, you’ll be pleased to hear).

What’s the name of your story in this collection, and what is it about (with no spoilers)?

My story is entitled, ‘The Riddle of Parsons Lodge’. Holmes and Watson are asked to assist Lawrence Munsey - a solicitor and property conveyancer – in verifying the existence of some hidden treasure, said to have been buried centuries earlier by the Catholic aristocrat Sir Edward Leeming Parsons. The quest proves to be both a physical and mental challenge.

What other projects have you recently completed that we can check out?

I have written five collections of Sherlock Holmes stories since 2015 (all with MX Publishing), and plan to release a sixth volume in 2025. To date, I’ve penned 36 pastiches in total. Two of my stories appeared recently in The Strand magazine.

You can find all Mark's book on his Amazon USA profile.


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