Sherlockian Interview - David Marcum

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With the upcoming launch of volumes 43-45 of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (currently on Kickstarter), we're talking to the authors involved. Today (6th April) it's David Marcum.

Tell us a little about yourself – Where you live and your main hobbies:
I was born, raised, and still live in Eastern Tennessee, about ten miles from the Great Smoky Mountains. Almost all my ancestors are English or Scottish, and they were here back before the Revolutionary War. By day, I’m the Senior Civil Engineer for my home town’s Public Works Department. I enjoy family time, reading and writing, playing piano, getting outside, and – lately – spending time with our new puppy (now eight months old).
What’s the name of your story in this collection, and what is it about (with no spoilers)?
I have three stories in this set, one in each volume:
Part XLIII: “The Exploited Assassin” – A dazed man is treated at Barts, confessing that he has just killed the Queen.


Part XLIV: “A Bucket’s Worth of Help” – While arresting part of Moriarty’s gang, Holmes spot an old acquaintance among the criminals – and he sets about saving him.

Part XLV: “Gruner’s Diary” – After Baron Gruner was defeated, his evil diary remained – and not it’s been stolen . . . from the depths of Scotland Yard

What other projects have you recently completed that we can check out?

I’ve written over 120 Holmes pastiches, and I have at least eight more promised by the end of the year to various anthologies. I’m seeing what I have accumulated and available that can be included in my next (seventh) volume of The Collected Papers of Sherlock Holmes. I plan to write 4-5 more Solar Pons stories this year to have enough for my third collection of Pons adventures for next year, and I’m currently editing The American Adventures of Solar Pons. Finally, I’m now receiving stories for the Fall 2024 MX anthology, Part XLVI – and hopefully XLVII and XLVIII too!

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