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It's the last #THIF Thank Holmes Its Friday of 2021 - a massive thanks to everyone who has taken part this year. As with last week, please add any 'books you've missed' to your free audiobooks request which means we have up to six books up for grabs this week - and the last few days to get the special #THIF discount on the new app.

1. Free Audiobooks 

2. Kickstarter

3. The MX Publishing Audio Collection

4. Books You May Have Missed

5. MX Publishing In Kenya



Three more weekly books this week. Please use contact us form quoting THIF-109 and let us know your country - we'll send you the books. If you've already got one of them, please let us know which you would like. 

Please note that we would really appreciate ratings and reviews for those books that you enjoy. The free audiobooks program takes a lot of time to administrate and getting the ratings and reviews makes it all worth it.   


Baker Street Beat (Dan Andriacco, BSI)

Amazon USA

Since this book was written Dan Andriacco has been invested as a Baker Street Irregular (BSI) and written twelve books in the McCabe and Cody series. This first book with MX is a real gem.

A diverse collection of Sherlock Holmes related writings including several essays, short stories, and two radio plays. Andriacco's obsession with matters Sherlockian is obvious, and there is much here for Sherlock Holmes fans to enjoy.


Charlie Milverton - A Modern Sherlock Holmes Story (Charlotte Anne Walters)

Amazon USA

A modern reworking of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic Sherlock Holmes story, Charles Augustus Milverton. Instead of the Victorian world of debutants and stolen love letters, we have a fallen tabloid editor capitalizing on the nation's thirst for celebrity gossip and threatening to expose a young pop star for a dalliance caught on a security camera. On the advice of her security manager, ex-Scotland Yard detective Gareth Lestrade, Milverton's blackmail victim consults Sherlock Holmes. Irascible, difficult, eccentric but brilliant, Holmes brings the full weight of his intellect to bear on this new case despite the obstinacy of his opponent. And it all provides a very welcome distraction for his ex-flat mate John Watson, whose book about their adventures together had done little to rescue him from his midlife crisis. Or make his wife happy. First story in a series of five modern Sherlock Holmes adventures based on original works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


The Scrapbook of Sherlock Holmes (Archie Rushden)

Amazon USA

Ten new and original tales of the master detective, told by his loyal friend and assistant, Dr. Watson. The world may not yet be ready for the giant rat of Sumatra but it will assuredly be eager for these stories of murder, kidnap and theft. Here are tales of a walled-up corpse, a gun-toting American, a sealed-room with a difference, and mysterious disappearances, all in the traditional Conan Doyle style. The game is decidedly afoot, as governments totter, dark secrets are exposed, and Scotland Yard's finest stumble and blunder. There are more mysteries solved here, though, than just those brought before Sherlock Holmes - learn at last the truth of his university education, of his first paid case and even his philosophy of toast! 


2. Kickstarter

The first campaign of 2022 has started early (we think Mike got a bit over excited). Sherlock Holmes: A Study In Illustrations Volume 2 is Mike Foy's eagerly awaited follow up to the wonderful, Paget dominated first volume. Another mammoth collection with over 400 new images - including some absolute gems.


3. The MX Publishing Audio Collection

The MX Publishing Audio Collection is the launch of our audio app. It is available on both iPhone and Android on a monthly subscription and include interviews, theatre performances and exclusive fiction not available anywhere else.

There will be new content added every month, especially traditional Sherlock Holmes short stories.

We've extended the launch offer - use code 'THIF' to get 30% off the app for life until the end of December. 

Click here to get the offer.


Included with the app launch are: 

1. The Sherlockian Interview 

Reacher And Sherlock with Lee Child

Wiggins: Son of Sherlock with Dorothy Palmer

Sherlock Holmes Author Panel 1 - with Alistair Duncan, Richard Ryan, Martin Daley, Orlando Pearson, Susan Knight and Tom Turley.

2. Sherlockian Theatre

Sherlock Holmes Studies In Scarlet - with Jonathan Goodwin

A Case of Identify - with Jonathan Goodwin

3. The Deductionist 

Mind Palace Methods - with Ben Cardall

4. Sherlock Holmes Stories

The Adventure of The Aspen Papers - Daniel Victor

The Adventure of The Fateful Malady - Craig Janacek

The Adventure of The Christmas Stocking - Paul D Gilbert

The Adventure of The Missing Necklace - Daniel Victor

Larcey In The Sky With Diamonds - Robert V Stapleton

The Onion Vendor's Secret - Marcia Wilson

(narrators include J.T. McDaniel, Luke Barton and Mike Langan)

Confirmed for 2022

More Sherlock Holmes Stories (at least 48)

Sherlock Holmes Interviews - Jeffrey Hatcher (Mr. Holmes), Bonnie MacBird,Scott Monty and Burt Wolder (IHOSE), Nicholas Meyer, Otto Penzler and more.

Sherlock Holmes Theatre Performances

Deduction Techniques from 'The Deductionist' Ben Cardall


4. Books You May Have Missed.

In this section every week we will share some books from our back catalogue - with over 500 books now there will be some gems you will have missed - if you like the look of a book and would like an audio code please ask for it when you send in your request for this weeks books.

a) A Biased Judgement (Geri Schear)

Amazon USA

First in a trilogy of novels and one that has garnered fantastic reviews.

Sherlock Holmes thrives on danger. Sudden knife attacks, being stalked, and facing a network of assassins present little more than a cheery break in the monotony. But the enigmatic Lady Beatrice presents danger of a different kind. Is she a murderer or a potential victim? Or something even more perilous? Uncovering her secrets could change Holmes's life forever, and in ways even he cannot anticipate. The newly-discovered Holmes diaries shed light on a tale so potent, Watson was never permitted to reveal it.


b) A Farewell to Baker Street (Mark Mower)

Mark's first short story collection of now many - all traditional Holmes stories.

There is always room in the world for more gripping tales about the exploits of the inimitable Sherlock Holmes and the redoubtable Dr. Watson. Here is a collection of five previously unknown cases from the astonishing career of the consulting detective and his ever-loyal partner. "An Affair of the Heart" demonstrates the critical interplay between the two men which made their partnership so memorable and endearing. "The Curious Matter of the Missing Pearmain" is a classic locked-room mystery, while "The Case of the Cuneiform Suicide Note" sees Dr. Watson using his expert knowledge in helping to solve the mystery surrounding the death of an academic. In "A Study in Verse", the pair assists the Birmingham City Police in a complicated case of robbery, which leads them toward a new and dangerous adversary. And to complete the collection, we have "The Trimingham Escapade", the very last case the pair enjoyed together, which neatly showcases the inestimable talents of Sherlock Holmes. All of these tales are designed to contribute in some small part to the lasting memory of two extraordinary men who once occupied that setting we have come to know and love as 221B Baker Street.


c) A Guide To Deduction (Hannah Rogers)

Amazon USA

The skills here started as a blog which had thousands of followers and is now a very popular book - the print version makes a great gift for any Sherlockian.

A Guide to Deduction is the ultimate handbook for any aspiring Sherlock Holmes or Watson. Building on the massively successful aguidetodeduction.tumblr.com, the book includes not only advice on deducing aspects of an individual, but a wide range of skills every detective needs. Learn how to build a mind palace, interrogate, and break codes on par with the world's only consulting detective.


5. MX Publishing In Kenya.

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks out here in Kenya with the Children of Happy Life Mission. Support from fans like yourselves enables us to support these wonderful projects.

Here are our reports:

1. MX Publishing In Kenya 2021 - Arrival

2. MX Publishing In Kenya - Toddlers, Rain and Vaccines

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