#THIF - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 - Week 37

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Week 37 - Thank Holmes It's Friday 2022 

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Out this week are two books:

Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Yuletide Puzzle


The Valley of Fear - Blackeyed Theatre Script


there are five (5!) Sherlock Holmes campaigns on Kickstarter.


Free Audiobooks

All existing books this week (we have 3 brand new ones waiting for Audible to push live so fingers crossed for next week we have at least one...).

Please remember to post a rating of the book and a short review if possible as reviews and ratings go to help fund our free audiobook programme.

Please use the contact us form, quote #THIF 142 and let us know which country you are from - if you already have one or more of the books please let us know so we don't waste the codes.     


Sherlock Holmes

Diamond Jubilee: Sherlock Holmes, Mark Twain, and the Peril of the Empire

It is June, 1897, the eve of the greatest celebration in the history of London - the Diamond Jubilee of Her Royal Highness Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India. At 221B Baker Street, happy anticipation of the event is shattered when an alarmed Samuel Clemens bursts in and informs Holmes and Watson that his life is threatened by a bizarre international conspiracy. Holmes, Watson, and Clemens spend the frantic final days before the Jubilee discovering that the conspiracy is much worse than Clemens imagined. The very fate of the Empire is at stake. 


Irregular Lives: The Untold Story of Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars

Sherlock Holmes' relationship with the band of street Arabs, known at the Baker Street Irregulars, has largely been untold - until now. Holmes sometimes relied upon a gang of adolescent boys and girls who he recruited from the slums of London. Indeed, some of Sherlock Holmes's most bizarre cases involved the irregulars: a hideous execution of a man who had been strapped to the barrel of a cannon, a fiend who hoped he could live forever on the blood of others, and the largest jewel robbery in Britain. Irregular Lives begins in post WWI London, when Holmes visits a mysterious photography exhibit that has him recall adventures with Wiggins, Ugly, Kate, and other members of his urban army. But his reminiscences are merely a prelude to a thrilling adventure that begins when a jolly reunion with the irregulars abruptly erupts in a terrible tragedy. If you were ever curious about how Holmes shaped and changed the lives of the irregulars, and how they transformed his life, then this is the audiobook for you.


Anomalous: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Featuring Jack Johnson and Alphonse Capone

America's first African American heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Johnson, has a chance encounter with a mysterious Irishman, named Altamont, when they meet at the boxer's restaurant, Café de Champion, in August 1912. Johnson's new relationship with the unusual man, with beady eyes and hawk-like nose, places him in an unusual circumstance to help Altamont get out of a tough situation.


Non Holmes

Candy And Other Nightmares 

"The stories are comparable to Edgar Allan Poe’s tales, full of death and madness. Things are never what they seem to be at first. The twists and turn, the double-take reveals, and the many different historical periods make the tales very ghostly and ghastly." Raven



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