Sherlock Book Review - Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Yuletide Puzzle

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"Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Yuletide Puzzle" by Ed Trotta is a mystery you can enjoy any time of the year."

In Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Yuletide Puzzlethe notorious detective was not trying to piece together a murder mystery. No, in this book, he was trying to decipher a cryptogram. Cryptogram puzzles come in different forms, but the result is always the same—decode the encrypted text. This particular puzzle was hand-delivered to Holmes. There was no postage. No fingerprints. No identifying marks of who gave the envelope to Mrs. Hudson, who gave it to Sherlock. This mystery letter baffled Sherlock for days! 

Holmes aims to make sense of streaks, lines, dots, curves, and lines. If you can't visualize the puzzle, that's okay; Ed Trotta has added an image of it for you. Even after you see the puzzle, I doubt you'll be able to "read" it. It baffled me as much as it confused Holmes and Watson. Of course, I didn't forego nourishment as Sherlock did. 

For several days, Holmes put his health and cleanliness on the back burner while he worked on the puzzle. Little by little, he was unraveling the mystery. Without Holmes's guidance, I would have never solved the cryptogram. Luckily, I didn't have to. 

Sherlock's powers of deduction were not on display with the code. He also enlightened us on how he knew where Watson had been and the patient's illness. His observation skills are beyond reproach. His method and behavior while solving a mystery are not perfect, though. He was rather rude and physical with Watson. I'm glad he apologized. Not immediately, but eventually. 

Both teenagers and adults can read Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Yuletide Puzzle by Ed Trotta. Actually, make a challenge with your teen who thinks they can solve the cryptogram first. The loser washes dinner dishes! If no one solves it before Holmes, then call it a tie and buy take-out! 


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It's Christmas eve at 221B Baker Street. On the stroke of midnight, a delivery arrives addressed to Sherlock Holmes. The message is a cryptogram which reveals itself to be so obtuse that it has the famous consulting detective baffled. Holmes becomes so obsessed with revealing the secret of the cypher that Watson fears for his well-being in refusing to eat or sleep. Holmes can only deduce that time is of the essence, and that a means of deciphering must be discovered which has never before been employed. Watson wonders what new adventure will emerge should the puzzle be unraveled. Also adapted for the stage by the author

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