Farewell to Britain's Television Queen

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Having raised $100,000 so far for Undershaw in Surrey - the former home of the Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that is today the site of one of Europe's leading schools for learning disabilities - MX Publishing is now adding The British Red Cross to it's supported charities. We are pledging one pound per copy from the new book about the Queen of England.
Farewell to Britain's Television Queen by historian Bob Crew is all about the late Queen Elizabeth II and how she helped to put global television and the Commonwealth of Nations on the world map by reason of television. Given that the Red Cross played such an important part in Queen Elizabeth II's long life - and that she made personal financial donations to it from her own purse Steve Emecz from MX Publishing, says that,
"As a fan of the late Queen and also the British Red Cross, we are more than happy to donate to such a worthy cause led by historian Bob Crew, honouring the spirit of kindness and charitable giving so honourably and persistently encouraged by the Queen"
British Red Cross
The British Red Cross has had the enduring support of the Queen right throughout the seven decades of her long reign. She supported countless Red Cross appeals for tragedies and disasters in the UK with personal donations.

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