The Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks for December 2022

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Congratulations to David Marcum and Luke Barton for topping the charts for December with Eye of Heka. Also worth a mention Kevin E Green who appeared three times in the top 10 including 2nd...

1.   Sherlock Holmes and the Eye of Heka – David Marcum and Luke Barton

2.   Sherlock Holmes and the Return of the Whitechapel Vampire – Dean P. Turnbloom and Kevin E Green

3.   New Cases of Sherlock Holmes – Janet Shaw and Ben Carling

4.   The Undiscovered Archives of Sherlock Holmes – John Lawrence and Adam Blanford

5.   A Continuum of Sherlock Holmes Stories – Jay Ganguly and Kevin E Green

6.   The Rediscovered Annals of Sherlock Holmes – Terry Golledge and Michael Langan

7.   A Study in Black and Orange – Orlando Pearson and Keith Spilsbury

8.   The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Luke Kuhns and Joff Manning

9.   Sherlock Holmes and the Sixty Steps – Séamas Duffy and Michael Langan

10. The Adventure of the Jeweled Falcon and Other Stories – Gregg Rosenquist and Kevin E. Green

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