The MX Book - The Sherlockian Interview - David MacGregor

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The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories -  Volumes XXXI-XXXIII is currently running on Kickstarter and we're interviewing the contributors. Next up is David MacGregor.


1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and your story.

I am a playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and nonfiction writer from Detroit, Michigan.

My plays have been performed from New York to Tasmania, and published by Dramatic Publishing, Playscripts, Smith & Kraus, Applause, Heuer Publishing, and Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW). I have two new full-length plays premiering this year: Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Ghost Machine at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, MI, and The Antichrist Cometh at the Wiesbaden Performing Arts Center in Germany.

I adapted my dark comedy, Vino Veritas, for the silver screen, and it stars Carrie Preston (Emmy-winner for The Good Wife). Several of my short plays have also been made into films.

I also adapted all three of my Sherlock Holmes plays into novels for Orange Pip Books, and my two-volume nonfiction book, Sherlock Holmes: The Hero with a Thousand Faces, was published in 2021 by London-based MX Publishing.

I teach writing at Wayne State University in Detroit and I am inordinately fond of cheese and terriers.

My two stories are " The Adventure of the Alexandrian Scroll," and "The Adventure of Peter the Painter." Both involve historical mysteries; namely, investigating the murder of Hypatia of Alexandria, and trying to uncover the true identity of Peter the Painter, who was intimately involved with the infamous Siege of Sidney Street, when the London police fought a pitched battle with Latvian anarchists in 1911.

2. Why did you want to participate in this project?

I thought it would be fun and an interesting challenge to try and write a straight Sherlock Holmes pastiche, and I also like the idea that money is being raised for a good cause.

3. What are your current and upcoming projects?

I am currently in rehearsal for the world premiere of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Ghost Machine, which premieres at The Purple Rose Theatre (Chelsea, MI) on April 22nd and runs through August 27th. I am also finalizing the scripts for Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Elusive Ear, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Fallen Souffle, and Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Ghost Machine, which are all being published by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) later this year.

4. Any last thoughts?

It's a pleasure to be included in these volumes. Thanks for having me!


You can read more about David and his books in the David MacGregor Profile

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