Sherlockian Author Profile - David MacGregor

In 2021 David MacGregor brought us a wealth of Sherlockian non-fiction and fiction.

Sherlock Holmes: The Hero With a Thousand Faces ambitiously takes on the task of explaining the continued popularity of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective over the course of three centuries.  In plays, films, TV shows, and other media, one generation after another has reimagined Holmes as a romantic hero, action hero, gentleman hero, recovering drug addict, weeping social crusader, high-functioning sociopath, and so on.  In essence, Sherlock Holmes has become the blank slate upon which we write the heroic formula that best suits our time and place. 

In Sherlock in Love: The Holmes-Adler Mysteries David's three stage plays are converted into novels. For Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler was always the woman, but at the end of "A Scandal in Bohemia" Dr. Watson had pronounced her dead and gone. However, reports of her death were greatly exaggerated. Holmes and Miss Adler had fallen in love at first sight and she promptly moved in with Holmes and Watson at 221B Baker Street. In an effort to protect the delicate sensibilities of the British reading public, Watson explained her presence by referring to her as Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper, even as Holmes and Adler combined forces to become a formidable detecting duo. In these three cases, they must overcome the evil schemes of the late Professor Moriarty's daughter-the wicked and brilliant Marie Chartier-whose only goal in life is to become the Napoleoness of Crime.