Sherlockian Interview - Mike Chinn

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With the upcoming launch of volumes 43-45 of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (currently on Kickstarter), we're talking to the authors involved. Today (5th April) it's Mike Chinn.

Where you live and your main hobbies.

I live in Birmingham, UK, with my wife Caroline and a little tribe of guinea pigs (presently three). My main hobby seems to be writing, since I definitely don't make enough money for it to be called a job (luckily I've been retired for ten years, so that's not a problem). I buy books to add to a growing pile that I'll never live long enough to finish, also occasionally buy model kits that I'll probably never make, and model steam locomotives for a narrow gauge layout I don't have.

What’s the name of your story in this collection, and what is it about (with no spoilers)?

The story's title is "Hollingbourne Grange" and involves the disappearance of Baron Hollingbourne, Sir Lenham Kingswood, under the most mysterious of circumstances. A definite locked room mystery which Holmes cannot resist – for more than one reason.

What other projects have you recently completed that we can check out?

I have a story appearing in the forthcoming Sherlock & Friends: Eldritch Investigations​, edited by Lyndon Perry, an anthology of eight novelettes where investigators contemporary to Holmes & Watson become embroiled with Lovecraftian horrors. My own contribution is "The Return of Madame Sara", using characters originally created by L. T. Meade and co-writer Robert Eustace and which were published in The Strand​ magazine prior to World War one.

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