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We're delighted to share that the  Sherlock Holmes Book Club now includes free access to the MX Audio Collection as part of membership.

The book club subscription service at its core includes one volume of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories in hardcover per month. Books are sent out once a month. Each volume includes 20+ traditional Sherlock Holmes stories.

So every month you get a book and access to loads of content.

The books build into the largest Sherlock Holmes story collection in the world - already over 800 stories and 30 volumes edited by David Marcum (David created the idea of the collection back in 2015).

Here's one fan's collection so far (Dale Russell)...


Fans can choose from a monthly subscription (subscribe here) or a full year up front for a small discount (full year here) - both are an ideal gift.

You can start the collection at Volume 1 or if you already have volumes, you can let us know and start where you like (and skip volumes you have).

The collection has broken many records including the most starred reviews ever for a collection from Publishers Weekly.

Now the club membership includes free access to the MX Audio Collection (RRP $9.99 a month, spring offer $7.99 a month) that has dozens of audio stories, books and exclusive interviews.

Since the launch in December, the app has landed interviews with Lee Child, Nick Meyer, Nancy Springer and many more.



So far the collection has raised over $95,000 for Undershaw School (formerly Stepping Stones). The former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle where he wrote many of the Sherlock Holmes stories is now a school for children with learning disabilities. MX co-founder Steve Emecz is a patron of the school and MX have held many events at the school over the years.

Here's an interview from Summer 2020 with the founder of the DFN Foundation, David Forbes Nixon and headteacher Jacqueline Silver who talk about the amazing school.



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