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This, the second collection of Holmes pastiches by Nick Cardillo, is once again a treat for those who want to read about the True Holmes, set in the correct time, and with Holmes and Watson behaving correctly – as heroes.

Cardillo wrote his first Holmes pastiche while still in high school – and it was soon published in a volumes of “The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories”. He’s since gone on to write a number of others that have appeared in various anthologies. Many of these were collected in his first well-reviewed book, “The Feats of Sherlock Holmes”. Now, this set has seven more, all of excellent quality.


My particular favorite from this collection is a version of that most-intriguing Untold Case, “The Giant Rat of Sumatra”. Here we find Our Heroes in that most fascinating town of Whitby. The story begins by telling us that the reason they were called there ended up being a benign disappointment – but soon something much more interesting comes along – the titular Giant Rat.

I’m already looking forward to Mr. Cardillo’s further efforts – and wondering what the next collection will be called. Don’t make us wait!


The Improbable Casebook of Sherlock Holmes is available from this site with a share going to good causes, and also available from:

Amazon USA      Book Depository (free worldwide shipping)

Where does the improbable end and the impossible begin?

Nick Cardillo (author of The Feats of Sherlock Holmes) presents seven improbable adventures of the World’s Greatest Detective collected for the first time in one place. These tales of mystery and suspense will test the minds of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson like never before as they confront a wide array of monsters, madmen, impossible crimes, and the wildest aberrations of nature beyond their wildest nightmares.

Also included are two never-before-published short stories which chronicle some of the darkest chapters of Holmes and Watson’s career. In “The Adventure of the Deadly Inheritance,” a frightened man seeks Holmes’ help after his brother suddenly disappeared performing an arcane family ritual, and in “In the Footsteps of Madness,” Holmes and Watson descend into the sewers of London to confront a bloodthirsty killer who may be more than just human.

The Improbable Casebook of Sherlock Holmes is the long-awaited second collection from an exciting new voice in the world of Sherlockian pastiche.

Author      Nick Cardillo

ISBN        9781787058781 

Pages       288

Also available in Hardcover

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