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David Marcum

Like several other authors with unwanted time on their hands, Mike Foy used COVID lock-downs to compile this brilliant little book. Foy is already well known and respected for “The Curious Characters of Sherlock Holmes” and the multi-volume “Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Illustrations” – all massive volumes full of Canonical illustrations. In the introduction to this smaller tome, Mr. Foy explains that as he was assembling the aforementioned books, he often found himself chuckling over different illustrations, and realized that he could add humorous captions.


“The Man With the Twisted Scripts” has over 70 original Holmes illustrations by Sidney Paget, each with a spin that, in most cases, won’t be forgotten the next time the scenes are encountered in the actual stories.


I don’t know how easy it was to write these, but there are a lot more Holmes illustrations out there. Might I suggest captioning more – perhaps even enough for a daily calendar . . . ?

Buy this book, and then read it slowly – savor each page. And then, like I did, go back a few months later and laugh all over again.


Sherlock Holmes The Man With The Twisted Script is available from this site with a share going to good causes and also available from:

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Imagine you are a caption writer and your editor drops a pile of old Sidney Paget illustrations on your desk and says 'get these ready for printing', you look around for the original captions and they have gone missing, the clock is ticking and the deadline is quickly approaching and since it's the afternoon, you have had a few too many Gin & Tonics. This book might be the result. Irreverent & Stupid in equal measure, but at least it's another chance to see some of Paget's finest images.

Author        Mike Foy

ISBN          9781787058439

Date           28th October 2021

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