Sherlock Book Review - Improbable Protégé: The Tessa Wiggins Trilogy

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David Marcum

Kim Krisco began writing stories about an older retired Sherlock Holmes, but he soon pivoted to tales about Holmes’s Irregulars, now adults, and how their association with Holmes as children affected them. Soon, one particular Irregular became the focus of Krisco’s narratives – Tessa Wiggins. Along the way, her stories have passed beyond mere mysteries into something unique.

 MX has collected all three volumes detailing Tessa’s appearances, “Irregular Lives”, “The Celtic Phoenix”, and “The Magnificent Madness of Tessa Wiggins”. The first is a series of flashback stories about how a group of Irregulars, including Tessa, were first recruited by Holmes in the early days, contrasted to how they are reunited as adults in post-World War I London. “The Celtic Phoenix” takes place in 1919, with Holmes and Tessa Wiggins exploring a case with Celtic connections, and this them continues exponentially in “The Magnificent Madness of Tessa Wiggins”, set in 1920, with a much deeper dive in Celtic culture, along with a terrifying stay in an asylum.

This hefty volume also contains a number of extras, and taken as a whole, it’s a very satisfying visit with Tessa Wiggins – and Holmes as well. More please!

This book is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies - only available direct from this site.

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