Sherlock Book Reviews - Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Three Monks

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It’s summer of 1890, and Dr Watson has taken a holiday with his wife to a village in the sleepy East Sussex countryside. Before long, he is surrounded by ghosts, distressed women and dead canines. To add to his trouble, he finds himself being followed by a mysterious man. As the situation deteriorates, Watson writes to Holmes, who remains conspicuous by his absence. However, fear not, for Holmes’s presence looms large over this story. Very soon he is on the scene, making sparkling deductions as the case moves beyond the confines of the village to take on a more sinister aspect, and the adventure races to a dramatic climax in which Watson comes to the rescue. Rieke has again successfully recreated the mood of the original stories in this intriguing mystery, while remaining faithful to the spirit of the canon.


All of Johanna Rieke's books are available through the Sherlockian Author Profile Johanna Rieke page. 


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