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Following on from Rieke’s previous novel, The Mystery of the Three Monks, we find ourselves back in 1890, and Dr Watson has returned to London after his eventful holiday in East Sussex. Holmes is bored, but soon finds a diversion when a professor of archaeology calls seeking justice for his nephew, falsely accused of murder. What appears to be a straightforward case soon becomes more complex, involving stolen papers from foreign climes, Egyptian mummies, theatre performers and nefarious goings-on at the British Museum. One of Rieke’s strengths is in bringing canon characters into her stories and breathing fresh life into their depictions, so it is a treat to see familiar faces making their entrances to add to the mystery. The climax of the story is thrilling as our intrepid duo find themselves in a fight for their lives. Overall, another gem from Rieke, who weaves an intricate tale with flair to create a thoroughly enjoyable adventure.


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