Sherlock Book Review - Sherlock Holmes: The Experience Club

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David Marcum

From an initial dip into pastiche writing with a single Holmes short story, Arthur Hall has become one of the more productive pasticheurs in later years. He went on to write several self-published Holmes novels before being recruited to “The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories”. Since then, he’s produced many new adventures, and each set of MX anthologies typically has multiple contributions from Mr. Hall.

“Sherlock Holmes: The Experience Club” is his seventh Holmes novel, and it jumps into the action when Holmes and Watson are recruited into investigating what may be a series of murders. They’re soon lured to what seems to be a certain death trap and, upon escaping, they find that another witness has been murdered. They venture forth from Baker Street to investigate different aspects of the crime, gradually becoming aware that in this case, their help is definitely not wanted by Holmes’s older and smarter brother, Mycroft. Soon the scope of a much bigger plot is understood, threatening the entire Kingdom as events slowly grind toward the First World War.

Watson clearly has a lot to tell by way of Mr. Hall’s keyboard, and I can’t wait to see what is revealed to us next.


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