Sherlock Sunday - Three From Five

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Please use the contact us form, quote Sherlock Sunday Three From Five and let us know which country you are from and which three collections you would like - from a choice of five.

Please check your library so you don't ask for books already have (codes are hard to re-allocate). 


Sherlock Holmes and the Menacing Metropolis

More menacing than the Menacing Moors, the Great Metropolis harbors evil and deviltry far more sinister than Dartmoor could offer - it is not for nothing that Watson describes London as the great cesspool draining the empire of its dregs. Its evil stems from the hearts of the most heartless of men, evil against which a group of stalwart Londoners is determined to act. Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed, it is said, but fore-knowledge is fragile and Sherlock must balance probability with instinct, caution with decisiveness, when warned of impending disaster for both city and realm. Allan Mitchell's stirring stanzas of reeling rhyme once again stretch back to an earlier era to witness the never-ending battle between Sherlock Holmes and the Menacing Metropolis.


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Edinburgh Haunting

In March 1882, when John Watson is invited to Edinburgh to visit his cousin, the eminent Dr. Patrick Watson, he convinces Holmes to accompany him on what he believes will be a relaxing holiday. But where Sherlock Holmes tends to go, then surely a crime must be detected. What begins as a chance encounter of a seemingly simple mystery at an Edinburgh home soon takes Holmes and Watson into conflict with the Edinburgh Police, an investigation involving murder and corruption, and crossing paths with the local populace including Dr. Joseph Bell. As Holmes works more closely with a young Edinburgh constable on the case, it causes Watson to question not only his own position, but his very relationship with Sherlock Holmes.


Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Helmets

John Watson and his girlfriend plan to go skiing in the German Alps, but because Sherlock Holmes is bored, he comes along with them. Instead of a relaxing holiday, a series of mysterious skiing accidents awaits them. Sherlock and John soon discover that those accidents apparently did not happen accidentally. A modern day Sherlock Holmes story.


The Führer and His Deputies: A Case File from "The Redacted Sherlock Holmes"

In May 1941, Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Heβ flew solo to Great Britain. The reason for his flight remained a mystery throughout the rest of the War as he brought no new peace proposals, provided no new insight into Hitler's plans, and did not claim political asylum.

In May 1945 and with the war almost at an end, the British Government must decide whether to send the frequently overwrought Heβ back to Germany to face trial on war crimes charges. The government requires somebody whose word carries weight around the world to help with its decision and seizes upon Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as the ideal people to conduct an investigation into Heβ's fitness to face trial and to record the investigation. 


Sherlock Holmes and The Discarded Cigarette

London 1895. A well-known author, a theoretical invention made real, and the importance of a sometimes overlooked clue challenge Holmes and Watson to prevent the perfect crime.




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